Best Live Dealer Games in Online Crypto Gambling

Live games have become incredibly popular at online casinos around the world. The presence of real croupiers, or, as they are also called, live dealers, makes the game as realistic as possible. They are broadcast live in a specially equipped studio, where they can engage in a dialogue with the player at any time. It is believed that the game with a live dealer is more honest and interesting. Let’s take a look at the Best Live Dealer Games in Online Crypto Gambling.


Live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular games at online casinos. Just like in real gambling establishments, it has a huge variety of rules and types of deals. Just like in a land-based casino, shuffling a deck of cards is the croupier’s job. Live Blackjack, now available on many sites, tends to be exactly the same as the famous game played in land-based gambling establishments around the world. Online players play at real tables, with real dealers and real opponents, in real time.


Baccarat is one of the first live games to be played online with a live dealer. The rules here are some of the easiest, so it ranks second in popularity. Often it is preferred by those players who bet big. The pace of baccarat with a live dealer at online casinos is as dynamic and the game is as exciting as it is in the land-based gambling establishment. No special skills or strategies are required to play, which is ideal for a wide audience.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is also commonly known in Asia as Tai Sai and Dai Su. It originated from an ancient popular Chinese dice game. In modern times, Sic Bo uses three dice. It has a lot of betting possibilities, giving players a variety of options and a wide range of payouts. Thus, Sic Bo is one of the most popular dice games today.


Roulette is one of the best known classic casino gambling games. Naturally, it occupies not the last place online. A special feature of roulette with a live dealer on the Internet is that the game can simultaneously take part in an infinite number of players. Much of the gameplay is built on personal communication between the croupier and the player: greetings, congratulations on your winnings, etc., which gives the atmosphere of realism and creates a feeling of full presence at the gaming table. In live roulette players can see how the wheel rotates, when and where the ball falls, and the information panel shows winning numbers and statistics.


Closes the top five rating of poker with a live dealer. Despite the complexity of the rules and legal restrictions in many countries, which led to a significant decline in the popularity of the game, online poker still remains at a very high position. Live poker in the professional environment is considered to be the most fair game, because in real time, a live dealer dealing cards inspires more confidence in the player than a random number generator.

Not all online casino sites have such games in their assortment yet. Of course, their organization requires serious financial expenses, and the section “live casino” can be found only on large Internet gambling sites.

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